SIEMENS Micon coming soon to Malaysia

UPDATE: SIEMENS Micon Hearing Aids are a great success and 2015 sees the launching of a better platform based on the Micon processor. The new series is called SIEMENS Binax – Binaural hearing

SIEMENS Micon Hearing Aids are coming soon to Malaysia.

The main challenge in hearing instrument technology is to increase effective Audibility while maintaining Sound Quality. Only when these two elements are in perfect balance, based on the customer’s needs and preferences, can the wearer experience maximum spontaneous acceptance as well as long-term hearing instrument satisfaction. We call this state of equilibrium: Soundability™.

Combining industry-leading features with innovative intelligence and over twice the processing power of previous platforms, micon™ – the upcoming platform behind BestSound™ Technology from Siemens – offers such natural sound and sophisticated, personalized functions that wearers will experience the joy of hearing effortlessly, in any soundscape. In fact, for the first time, users can forget that they are hearing through a hearing instrument.