SIEMENS Binax Hearing Aids


SIEMENS Binax Hearing Aids now available in Melaka

SIEMENS launched their latest line of better hearing instruments on 17 January 2015 in Kuala Lumpur and Jensen Hearing is proud to make available this new technology to people in Melaka and its surrounding towns.

The new hearing aids from SIEMENS claim to “out perform” normal hearing in noisy situations when there’s much noise. Hard to believe but if you were there at the launch, you would be quite happy to know the new technology is indeed something not to be missed.

Hearing aid manufacturers have been instrumental in reducing the impairment faced by people with difficulty hearing. We thank them for investing in research to come up with better and better technology so that hearing problems does not impact lives negatively. Starting with the introduction of directional microphones in hearing aids, manufacturers have aimed to reduce the back ground noise levels while ensuring clarity of speech. This indeed is a high goal but one which is considered the “holy grail” of hearing aids.

The name “BINAX” was aptly chosen because it reflected the technology focuses on hearing with both ears or binaural hearing.

BINAURAL (hearing in both ear) + EXPERIENCE = BINAX

Siemens Audiologist Alleya Cheng explained the technology in detail during the launch and later showed the audience the effectiveness of the technology by allowing them to listen for themselves. While streaming sounds from one hearing aid to another is not exactly new, SIEMENS has ensured that their system would be able to provide better hearing based on their research. More importantly SIEMENS Binax has better power management and thus ensuring better battery life. Users do not need to keep changing batteries as in other systems.

Congratulations to SIEMENS on the launch of their hearing aids and making change possible in the lives of those who live with hearing impairment.

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