Speech Therapy

Speech Therapy at Jensen Hearing (Temporary Unavailable)

Speech and language development in children is vital to their ability to learn and communicate. There are many causes of speech and/or language delay. Hearing loss, mental disability, poor muscle development, poor muscle coordination are just a few of the many causes of speech and language delay. Parents and even grandparents can be very effective in detecting/suspecting that a child may have speech and/or language problems.

As such early detection and intervention is crucial to reduce the impact of these disorders. Come to Jensen Hearing, Melaka for an assessment if you have doubts of your child’s speech and language development.

Speech and language problems are not limited just to children. Adults too can face speech problems from their work. Teachers, for example, may be using their voice more than a typist in the office and can strain their voice. Our speech therapist can advice on proper methods to use voice more effectively. The elderly can loose their speech after a stroke and may need speech therapy to recover the proper use of their voice again. Thus the need to have proper diagnosis early can never be overemphasized.

Our speech language pathologist is a member of the Malaysian Association of Speech Language and Hearing (MASH)

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Each session takes at least 1 hour and as such, please call us at 06-2881407 to book an appointment date before coming.