Apps for Speech and Language – Articulation Station by Little Bee Speech Logo

Articulation Station is an iPad app developed by Little Bee Speech which focuses on articulation exercises and therapy. This App is available for FREE download on the Apple App Store.

There’s video tutorial built into the App to help users maximize the benefits of the App. You can keep track of your scores and progress. There are 22 sound programs which focuses on areas of articulation. Adults can read up on how to produce a particular sound. There’s also flash cards for particular sounds. You can save your lists of sounds you want to work with. The child can pair the picture with the sound.

Parents can help with the scoring. Correct or wrong responses. And interestingly they also have approximate response when parents are unsure if the production of the sound is not too correct but not wrong.
The scores can be sent to the speech therapist. It can save the audio produced by the child.

Each session can be reviewed. You can view the notes you have taken during the activity. You can repeat the whole session or only those missed.
Speech therapists can sort the clients they see on this program. Student profiles can be viewed and edit as well.

This app can be used with our speech therapy at Jensen Hearing, Melaka. Call for an appointment.