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AudioScan Hearing Aid Fitting System

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information updated on August 2020


Joyful Sound is proud to be fitting hearing aids with AudioScan SpeechMAP System. With this technology, we can measure the hearing instrument’s output at the ear drum using real speech. The ensures accuracy and reproducible validity by using a methodology based on solid science rather than guesswork.

Speechmap also makes it easy for our clients to understand their own hearing loss. Its visual representation of their loss facilitates their comprehension of their own residual auditory area, recruitment, and of the limitations imposed by their hearing loss. It’s an invaluable tool for counselling and rehabilitation.

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Why does Joyful Sound use AudioScan?


Audioscan offers an unparalleled level of real-ear know-how because they are the original innovators behind programmable hearing instruments, digital hearing instruments, live speech mapping technology and simultaneous directional testing and many more. Programming hearing aids used to be based on one’s experience and sometimes guess work because we don’t know the level of sound at the ear drum. This system enables accurate measurement to allow better fitting based on latest research.


Audioscan offers an exceptional level of experience because they have installed and supported many Axioms and real ear measurement products. With more than 2 decades of supporting audiologist in their work, they have a good library of references and experience to fall back on.


Audioscan is singularly focused on real-ear and live speech mapping. This means – any other provider in the hearing industry – they’re specialists and they’re experts in this category.


Audioscan instruments give you complete control and supervision of hearing instrument verification and fitting accuracy resulting in vastly improved customer satisfaction.


Audioscan instruments can be used with all popular hearing instruments and hearing instrument options including digital instruments and open fit styles.