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Audiology Services in Malaysia have improved and most major towns have centres specializing in Audiology Services. Among the few Audiology Centres is Jensen Hearing. Audiology Centres are quite different from Hearing Aid Centres. The main areas of differences between Hearing Aid Centres are the services offered.

Hearing Aid Centre

A Hearing Aid Centre would focus on selling and servicing hearing aids as well as providing hearing aid accessories like batteries and earmolds. They would stock a range of quality hearing aids. They provide basic hearing test which is just sufficient so that hearing aids can be fitted.

Audiology Centre

An Audiology Centre on the other hand provides more than just hearing aids. They provide full range of diagnostic hearing tests that evaluate the health of one’s hearing system. A complete audiology centre would be able to assess hearing from babies as young as 1 day old to the elderly. The audiology centre would also be equipped to rule out hearing loss as a cause for language delay. Some audiology centres are involved in court cases where hearing loss is being disputed. Various assessments even the health of the middle ear can be done.

Fitting of hearing aids

Fitting of hearing aids is based on more than just the hearing test but would also take into consideration one’s hearing needs and requirements as well as one’s demand of quality of hearing. After the fitting, the audiologist would schedule follow up sessions for rehabilitation and/or programming sessions to enable the user to familiarize with the levels of sound. If necessary, there will also be real ear verification measurements done to ensure the hearing aid is doing its job properly.

Journey to better hearing

If you are not able to hear well, consult an audiologist at an audiology centre for better hearing. Start your journey to better hearing with the best audiology services at Jensen Hearing.