SIEMENS Sirion & Orion

Intruducing Orion and Sirion Hearing Aids by SIEMENS

Orion Sirion IP67

Jensen Hearing is happy to introduce the Orion™ and Sirion™ family of hearing instruments: Siemens’ flexible, sturdy range of advanced BTE and ITE hearing instruments for virtually every ear and all degrees of hearing loss. Equipped with smart technology and rugged designs, theses hearing instruments offer customizable settings, and are IP67-rated to ensure a long service life.  The Orion line offers improved spatial perception with its e2e wireless™ technology which is a technical innovation from research by University of Oldenburg.

Orion Sirion feature table
Orion & Sirion are programmed using the latest Connexx 7.2 software.

Discover what makes the new Orion and Sirion family of hearing instruments a convenient and reliable partner for your patients:
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