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Find out more about hearing aids 

Properly Fitted Hearing Aids can help people to hear better. At Jensen Hearing, we know that with the advancement of digital hearing technology, better hearing is within reach. The end goal of any hearing aid fitting is to help the client get better hearing and just just a hearing aid. Thus proper assessments of one’s hearing is vital to the fitting process. We also need to realise that while technology has advanced, our hearing system and our brains need time to get used to the new sounds received through the hearing aids.

While hearing aids can aid hearing in most situations, the user must get used to hearing again. So technology must be coupled with rehabilitation program to ensure that hearing aid benefit is maximised for the user himself/herself. This is possible with customised hearing aid programs tailor made by qualified audiologists.

In Malaysia, the professional body for audiologist is the Malaysian Association of Speech Language and Hearing, otherwise known as MASH. Should you have questions on the qualification of the audiologist that you are seeing, contact MASH and they can help you further.