Wireless Accessories for Cochlear N6

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We are proud to announce the availability of the wireless accessories for the Nucleus 6 (CP910/920). The 3 accessories are:

  1. Cochlear Wireless Phone Clip – For connectivity to bluetooth devices (eg. Phone, tablet, car, etc)
  2. Cochlear Wireless Mini Mic – To hear better in noisy situations (eg. Car, shopping complex, classroom, etc)
  3. Cochlear Wireless TV Streamer – To enjoy TV without having to turn up the volume.

Please call Jensen Hearing before 30th November 2014 for special promotional pricing of the above devices.

Cochlear is pleased to announce FDA approval of the Cochlear™ Wireless Accessories for the Cochlear Nucleus® 6 Sound Processor

With a full range of wireless accessories, Cochlear is the first and only company to deliver true wireless freedom without the need for wires or neck-worn loops. Utilizing the same 2.4 GHz wireless protocol that Bluetooth® and Wi-Fi devices depend on, Cochlear Wireless Accessories provide a streamlined connection to popular electronic devices (TVs, smartphones and MP3 players) without the interference and signal drops that may occur with traditional wireless systems.

And because ReSound wireless compatible hearing aids and the Cochlear Nucleus 6 Sound Processor share a common 2.4GHz platform, users can experience synchronized audio streaming when used together.

The Cochlear Wireless portfolio includes three accessories designed to help bring Nucleus 6 System recipients closer to sound.

Cochlear N6 Wireless Accessories
Picture Credits: Cochlear.Com

Mini Microphone – From the classroom to one-on-one conversations in a busy restaurant, the portable wireless clip-on microphone streams speech and sound directly to the sound processor.
Phone Clip – In the car or on the go, the small, lightweight Phone Clip directly connects to a wide range of Bluetooth-enabled wireless devices allowing for hands-free calling, listening to music, getting directions and more.
TV Streamer – Just like wireless headphones, the TV Streamer transmits sound from the television.
Because 2.4GHz technology is already built into every Nucleus 6 Sound Processor, current users just need a simple firmware update to support these new wireless accessories.

Source: Cochlear America

Note: The above will be available at Jensen Hearing once it received approval from authorities in Malaysia.