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Hearing Test (Adults)

Jensen Hearing is fully equipped to carry out a battery of tests to ensure accurate diagnosis of the hearing problem. The hearing problem can be isolated to be in the external ear, middle ear, or inner ear through proper evaluation.

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Hearing Test (Children)

Children are not miniature adults, therefore we have different techniques of assessing their hearing status accurately. Jensen Hearing has invested in technology to provide good results. We have Brainstem evoked response audiometry (BERA), Otoacoustic Emission Equipment (OAE), Tympanometers and Equipment to measure reflexes in the ear.

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Hearing Aid Fitting

A wide range of hearing aids can be properly fitted to one's hearing needs. Clients are given 2 -3 different hearing aids to try before making their decisions. We also re-fit hearing aids for clients who have purchased hearing aids from other centres as well. Sometimes, the hearing instruments are not properly fitted causing discomfort and head ache. Hearing aid fitting is done through software controlled instruments that enables the audiologist to "see" what the client hears with the hearing aids.

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We have used the AURICAL Real Ear Measurement system and as of March 2014, we are using the SpeechMAP fitting system to ensure better hearing aid fitting and validation. We strive to ensure you get the best technology to help you hear better.

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Hearing Rehabilitation

Technology alone cannot provide good hearing. It is important that rehabilitation is carried out to ensure a smoother transition from hearing problems to better hearing. We incorporate 3 follow up sessions for each hearing aid fitting.

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Speech and Language Therapy

In children with hearing problems, speech therapy is necessary to speed up progress. At Jensen Hearing we believe that parents are important to help the children catch up with their peers. Therefore we involve parents in the speech therapy sessions.

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Hearing Aid Servicing

Regular hearing aid servicing will help lengthen the life span of the hearing Instruments as it would be subject to wear and tear. Wax and dirt build up can also cause distortion. Good hearing aid care will help provide good hearing.

Our Products

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Tinnitus Retraining Program (TRT)

We provide relief for subjective and objective tinnitus that do not respond to medication. A tinnitus questionaire is administered to help assess the seriousness of the tinnitus problem. Once that's done we do tinnitus matching followed by counseling and hearing instruments (should it become necessary).

Tinnitus can be difficult to overcome and as such TRT would take time and commitment on the client's part to be patient to complete the course.

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Industrial Hearing Screening

As awareness grow regarding safety at the work place, hearing screening becomes an important aspect of the annual review of a worker's health. Jensen Hearing provides affordable hearing screening programs for these workers.

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