PHONAK custom made – changing filters

Custom made hearing aids are built to fit the ear canal. Sometimes wax can get into the hearing aid and damage the speaker unit. As such hearing aids are built with filters to prevent such problems.

PHONAK custom made hearing aids are fitted with filters. The images below show how we change the filters.

20140115-224904.jpg Hearing aid with blocked filter

20140115-224915.jpg Hearing aid filters in a box

20140115-224923.jpg Hearing aid filters on the placement device

20140115-224931.jpg Put the removal end of the device facing the filter

20140115-224939.jpg Positioning the removal tip correctly

20140115-224946.jpg Push the removal tool into the blocked filter until it clicks

20140115-224953.jpg As you pull away the removal tool the blocked filter will follow along.

20140115-225002.jpg Flip the placement device with the new filter facing the eartip

20140115-225014.jpg Push the placement device with the new filter end, into the hearing aid.

20140115-225022.jpg As you pull away the placement device, the new filter will stay in place. So you can hear better.

We believe that better hearing starts with you. Hearing aid filter changes power you to hear better. Clean filters mean clearer sounds. So check your filters regularly and if you need more help. Contact us at 06-2881407.