Capturing voices, Captivating looks


Introducing PHONAK’s new portfolio the Bolero Q – Capturing voices, Captivating looks. At the heart of Phonak Quest is the Binaural VoiceStream Technology®. PHONAK has listed the features for 3 technology segments which you can read more on their website for details on the features of PHONAK Bolero Q series.

At Jensen Hearing, we listen to your hearing needs. As your hearing needs increase and the demands of your work grow, PHONAK Bolero Q enables us to give you better options to meet the challenges you face when trying to hear better. By focusing on binaural technology, Bolero Q gives you better speech understanding in noise. By introducing auto Acclimatization in Phonak Target, it intelligently increases the amplification level to help new users adjust gradually until a predetermined target is reached. Thanks to auto Acclimatization every new user will enjoy a pleasant first impression with their product while making sure your satisfaction remains high.

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